Using a UPS as a secondary electricity supply source has been touted as an effective way to power your essential equipment in scenarios of widespread power outages and electrical surges which may cause a business to incur substantial equipment and data loss. The benefits provided by a UPS in supplying clean, uninterrupted power while protecting your sensitive equipment from possible damage has led to it being used in various industry operations to make sure their operational activities are not disrupted. Some of the ways in which a UPS can benefit you as a user include;

Operational Continuity

Installing a UPS to function in tandem with any device dependent on a mains supply ensures that it remains operational in the case of a power surge or failure which might affect a non-UPS backed piece of equipment. By instantly powering any equipment in case of primary power failure, the UPS ensures a device continues its normal function instead of powering down which may cause disruption in your business operations. In this way, it ensures smooth operational functioning at all times.

Regulates Spikes, Surges, Brownouts and Blackouts

UPS devices offer advanced protection from different types of power fluctuations which can damage equipment and can cause them to malfunction. Even though spiking lasts for only a few milliseconds, it can be enough to damage the power supplies of different equipment by providing them with additional power which exceeds the stated range. Surges are also dramatic increases in supply voltage which last longer than a spike. Frequent exposure to surges can cause appliances to heat up and result in failure.

Brownouts, on the other hand, are long lasting decreases in the voltage supplied by the main power line which can cause appliances to run on extremely low power, causing them to repeatedly cycle between the power on and off phases on their own. Blackouts are long lasting widespread power outages which render many devices in-operational and temporary unusable.

Protect Valuable Equipment

As a result of its various components built into its frame, a UPS can protect delicate equipment from various power-related problems which may arise due to a number of natural and man-made causes. Locations such as hospitals and utilities have a lot of sensitive equipment which must function 24/7 and installing a UPS can protect such equipment from power related issues.

A UPS Helps Prevent Data Loss

Many shops and businesses have computers and servers where they store their important information related to their production volume, sales figures and tax information to name a few. An unanticipated power fluctuation or loss can cause information stored on these mediums to get corrupted or in the worse case, get permanently deleted. Any unsaved work which an employee might be working on could also be lost resulting in a loss of time and business for the company.

We install a variety of different UPS solutions depending on your companies need.

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