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SCG-Systems now offers you a full range of audio-visual, information technology, and security solutions for your home. We do not only supply but we also install thus offering a full turnkey solution.

We approach every inquiry with the same professionalism and integrity big or small.

We make a difficult job a reality, so don’t sweat the small stuff; we got you taken care of. We can install televisions, audio gear, and setup computer networks in a professional manner at a fair price. Contact SCG-Systems for information on your professional system setup.

A high-performance home theater is like magical experience; it can virtually transport you into the movie’s action, if done right. That’s why you need a professional to help you with the installation.

Allow SCG Systems to guide you through your home theater audio solutions. Through purchasing the products that best suit your home to using professional installation standards that will provide optimum performance. SCG Systems provides a simple elegant approach with hidden electronics and EPIC SOUND.

If you would like to add speakers to your entertainment area, SCG Systems can help find speakers that blend into your room design. Whether you have speakers mounted on the wall, mounted in-ceiling, or simply sit on the floor or on a bookshelf—there are speakers to fit your every need.

Below are the home solutions and services that we provide:

  • Home Cinema
  • TV Installation
  • Sound Installation
  • Audio Distribution
  • Home Automation
  • DSTV

Stay connected wirelessly with Wi-Fi all through your home or office. SCG-Systems will install Wi-Fi to your home and office, providing you with effective Wi-Fi hotspots. What is a good internet connection without a Wi-Fi router with adequate range? It´s a source of annoyance. Therefore, we offer routers and access points with a wide range, for private home owners and for businesses.

With the advent of services such as ShowmaxNetflix, fibre to the home and smart televisions. Never has it been more important to have a good solid fast Wi-Fi connection throughout the home.

We at SCG-Systems look at improving your Wi-Fi, and home network to:

  • To ensure maximum coverage and speeds
  • To get the most of your Fibre and ADSL connection

No need to be huddled in one spot simply because that’s where the Wi-Fi is. We install access points to cover the whole house. Depending on the size of the house multiple access points may be required .

At SCG-Systems we specialise in  property security as well as risk analysis. We pride ourselves on putting the client first and working with them to identify and mitigate risk. We then tailor security plans, depending on their vulnerabilities, and implement appropriate security measures.

We supply and install:

  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control

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