IT Solutions

Get More From Your Internet

Stay connected wirelessly with Wi-Fi all through your home or office. SCG-Systems will install Wi-Fi to your home and office, providing you with effective Wi-Fi hotspots. What is a good internet connection without a Wi-Fi router with adequate range? It´s a source of annoyance. Therefore we offer routers and access points with a wide range, for private home owners and for businesses.

With the advent of services such as ShowmaxNetflix, fibre to the home and smart televisions. Never has it been more important to have a good solid fast Wi-Fi connection throughout the home.

We at SCG-Systems look at improving your Wi-Fi, and home network to:

To ensure maximum coverage and speeds
To get the most of your Fibre and ADSL connection

No need to be huddled in one spot simply because that’s where the Wi-Fi is.