Home Theater

Maximize your movie, TV, gaming, and music experiences with a  home theater system.

George Lucas said “ The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie “.

We Supply and install Amplifiers and Speakers  for surround sound 5.1, 7.1 and Atmos.

It is true any body can connect an amplifier and speakers and get sound, But mounting the speakers in correct position, placement and correct setup of amplifier is not something anyone can do .

A customer then ends up with a very expensive sound system that sounds terrible. It is not just a job for us. The excitement of firing up a home cinema for the first time and hearing the rumble from the speakers and the subwoofer’s as the sound envelops you. The big screen experience is exciting and we love to see the expression on our clients’ faces when they experience it and discover how we’ve combined all of the latest technologies together and made it look and sound so good, yet so easy to use.

Flat panel TVs have come a long way , They are thinner,  lighter and bigger unfortunately, this comes with cost, no room for speakers thus having poor sound from the TV. The tiny speakers cannot clearly reproduce dialogue, much less deliver convincing explosions, car crashes and all the other mayhem that keeps us riveted by our favorite movies and TV shows. This totally spoils the movie experience , brilliant High Definition  picture with poor sound.

A big amplifier with lots of speakers will not work in most rooms or homes, in such cases a more discreet solution maybe required . We can install in ceiling or in wall speakers . This works well with room room aesthetics , not imposing and subtle. Many people may not want a huge equipment rack  and want a simpler installation but still want good sound from the TV . In this case we recommend a Soundbar


A sound bar is an all-in-one speaker system that delivers high-quality TV sound without requiring the space, complexity and expense of a home theater receiver and surround sound speaker setup. A sound bar’s long, slender cabinet contains two or more speakers, and may provide either stereo or surround sound. Some sound bars come with a separate subwoofer for producing deep bass, which adds impact to movie soundtracks and music.

When choosing a sound bar, make sure you pick one with the right connections for your TV and other components. Nearly every sound bar has an optical digital connection, and many offer HDMI connections for more flexibility. If you have a multi-channel sound bar, using the HDMI connection ensures the best sound quality from Blu-ray soundtracks. If you have an older TV, there are sound bar models with analog inputs as well. For the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, there are 4K video compatible sound bars.

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