Alarm System

Paradox Security Systems were designed to provide their users with personalised quality alarm systems with features well ahead of their competitors. Paradox Alarm Systems feature reliable communication technology, flexible expansion, and great-looking keypads, making for an ideal security system for any domestic or commercial installations that require up to 32 zones of protection.

SCG Systems is a proud installer and re-seller of these innovative security alarm systems. Request a Quote for our extensive range of Paradox alarm systems including: the Paradox MG5050 alarm panel which is one of a kind with an inbuilt receiver that allows you to combine both wired and wireless devices all in one! Every Paradox alarm system includes easy-to-follow menu-driven programming guides to further facilitate quick and easy installation. SCG Systems offers an extensive range of Paradox alarm products available to purchase at affordable prices. We aim to provide South Africans with the most advanced and user-friendly security solutions available on the market.

We evaluate and test each of the products available to ensure they exceed our expectations of proving the best possible security solution within their specification.